Land rover team

In the park10Senior land rover vehicles, to provide you the pursuit of nobleVIPTravel service。Land rover team specifically by a group of well-trained beauty driver, formed a kind of beautiful scenery in the park.。 Appointment

Mountain tourist car

In the park130Machine designed for mountain resort scenic qualities of sightseeing bus, sitting in the open mountain tour buses.,The blue sky、The white clouds、Green hills、Clear water……Unlimited scenery panoramic view;To the other side of interest, you can also and exchanged friendly greetings.,Let happy voice echoed through the valley.。Mountain tourist car will be in the specified dock every site, make it easy for your journey.、At ease。
Transportation Guide 1. Bus: take bus 15, 25, 27 (or a bus on tourism line) heading to Yalong Bay from Sanya City, and take off at Yalong Bay Gas Station. 2. Taxi: you may directly go to Sanya Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park by taxi from Sanya City. 3. Tourist groups: you may take part in a one-day or two-day tour organized by big travel agencies of Sanya. 4. Self-driving travel: if you depart from Sanya City, drive on Yingbin Avenue (or Yuya Avenue), after you arrive at Jiyang Town, drive for another 5km towards Yalong Bay and you will arrive at the destination. Reference price of taxi Airport- Yalong Bay (45km): RMB 80-100 Downtown- Yalong Bay (25km): RMB 30-50 Dadong Sea-Yalong Bay (25km): RMB 30-40