Sparrow House

Architectural style:The terrace rooms

Limited number of guests:2  *persons   

Breakfast: including breakfast for two

Bed width:king size bed:1.5M*2M

Target group:lovers, companions,

Building area: :9㎡

Facility and equipment: Toilet and bathroom are Shared, no TV, no air conditioning, no network

Characteristics of this type:Guest rooms of this type are in the first and second floors underground in the Feilongling Western Restaurant in the Bird’s Nest (East Area). This type is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who like to experience the magic of nature. They can lie in bed and listen to the wonderful sound produced by birds and insects in the morning or in the evening, or appreciate the beautiful natural scenery in the daytime. Although the Sparrow House is small, you can also feel the magic and magnificence of the rainforest and the nature. Moreover, there are some recreational facilities, including two public swimming pools (free of charge) and a snooker club (not free of charge).




<Booking Notes>

Book Breakfast:

1. Book buffet breakfast: RMB 198 for each adult (plus 15% service charge);

2. RMB 114 for each child with the height of 1.0m-1.4m (15% service charge not required);

3. Children with the height of less than 1.0m may have breakfast for free if they eat with their parents who are living in the guest rooms.

Service charge: including service charge

Taxes and fees: not including the government tax RMB 11/person

Extra bed:

There is extra charge if there are more guests than the number specified for the room type (No extra bed may be provided for Sparrow House, Camp Area Villa, Camp Area Suite Villa, Peacock Villa and Wild Goose Villa).

1. Slack season: from April to September: rate for extra bed: RMB 500/person/night, including a serving of breakfast and the bed fee; charge for extra guest: RMB 300/person/night, including a serving of breakfast.

2. Busy season: from October to March in the next year: rate for extra bed: RMB 550/person/night, including a serving of breakfast and the bed fee; charge for extra guest: RMB 380/person/night, including a serving of breakfast.

3. Children with the height of less than 1.4m may sleep together with their parents without an extra bed, but the children will not be provided for free with the Chinese or western buffet breakfast in the next day.


As the hotel is situated in the tropical rainforest, where there are various small animals (mosquitoes, insects, spiders, ants, geckos, woodchucks, squirrels etc.), please think carefully before booking a room. The order may not be modified or canceled once confirmed.

Booking Notes:

1. The check-in time is 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and the check-out time is 12 o’clock at noon. There will be extra charge in case of late check-out.

2. According to relevant regulations of the hotel, any order placed on this room type may not be modified or canceled once confirmed. The price specified when the order is placed remains unchanged no matter the price drops or rises before the guest checks in. Please understand that the policy of “refund for any overpayment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency” is not applicable. Please make sure there will be no problem with your schedule before placing an order in case there will be any unnecessary loss.

3. Please write down the name, cell phone number of the person who books the room, the number of guests, bed type (king size/queen size) and any special requirements, so that we can provide better service for you.

4. The room price has been reported to Sanya Municipal Price Bureau for filing. For more information, please contact