Guest Rooms of Bird’s Nest

Sanya Yalong Bay Earthly Paradise Bird’s Nest Resort, a top forest resort in the world, is situated in Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, facing the sea surrounded by mountains. There are 210 villa guest rooms, which look like wooden bird’s nests smartly built in the tropical rainforest and on the sheer cliffs and steep mountains. They are 210 dazzling pearls above Yalong Bay. The buildings in the Resort features a tropical style for they are built with rosewood and natural materials imported from Malaysia, which make the buildings simple but magnificent, natural yet luxury.

Area selection:
There are 104 guest rooms of 6 types in the East Area. Sitting above the rainforest with five-star service facilities and perfect supporting service, the guest rooms enable you to overlook the best seascape and make you feel the pleasure of returning to the nature. Shu Qi and Yao Chen, the actresses of the movie IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 once lived in the Red-crowned Crane Area, the best guest room area in the East Area.